Lewiston Sportsmen’s Club Rules for Sportsmen’s Park

As a member of the Lewiston Sportsmen’s Club this park belongs to you, so please treat it like your own.


  1. Always think safety first.
  2. Be courteous to others.
  3. Be aware of those around you.
  4. Park facilities are for members only, except when the club opens an event to the public. Youths 16 and under may use ranges without a membership, but must be accompanied by an adult club member.
  5. All club property is to remain on the premises unless approved by the Board of Directors.
  6. No cutting of live trees, and all firewood is to remain on the premises.
  7. All shooting ranges will be closed to open shooting during all scheduled events.
  8. Shooting of firearms or archery is permitted on designated ranges only or as designated by the Board of Directors for special events.
  9. Potential members are welcome for one visit per year when with a member.
  10. There shall be no consumption of alcohol before or during any shooting of firearms or bows. This rule is in effect during all scheduled events as well as during open shooting.


  1. The Archery Range is closed whenever there is a scheduled Trap Shoot.
  2. Shooters must carry out their trash with them.
  3. The use of human-silhouette targets or mannequins is prohibited.
  4. Do not shoot Broad Heads into club-owned targets or back stops.  Bring your own Broad Head Target if you want to shoot Broad Heads.


  1. Anyone shooting trap must be sure the Archery Range is clear of people.
  2. Shooters must pick up empty cases and other trash.
  3. No shooting of firearms after 10:00 P.M.
  4. When throwing trap by hand, the thrower and shooter should stand by the trap house.


  1. No shooting of firearms before 7:00 A.M. or after sunset.
  2. No person shall enter the Rifle Range except the area by the shooting bench.
  3. Shooters must pick up all empty shells and remove their targets.
  4. Shooters must not hang targets on backstop posts or shoot at backstop posts.
  5. No glass targets.
  6. The range is closed during all scheduled Trap Shoot events (including Wednesday night Trapshooting).
  7. Except for those law enforcement personnel who have permission to use our range, no human-silhouette targets or mannequins are allowed. Law enforcement personnel must remove such targets when finished.


  1. People using grounds must clean up area and carry trash out.
  2. Any nonprofit organization may use the grounds with permission of the Board of Directors.
  3. All normal camping is to be in the campground.
  4. All fires must be in fire rings.
  5. All picnics and campouts must have a club member present.

Dated: December 29, 1992                      Last revised: December 10, 2012