Lewiston Sportsmen’s Club Officers and Committee Chairs

2019 Lewiston Sportsmen’s Club Officers

and Committee Chairs


President:                       Tony Weilandt                   (507) 450-5730

Vice President:              Rick Schell               (507) 312-0367

Secretary:                       Chuck Perry             (507) 689-4563

Treasurer:                                Richard Przytarski   (507) 689-4142

3yr Director: (17, 18, 19)   Kenny Srock Jr.       (507) 312-0398

2yr Director: (19, 20)       Doug Johnson                   (507) 450-8782

1yr Director:                   Alex Weilandt           (507) 450-0079

1yr Director:                   Troy Leibfried           (507) 523-2795

Past President:             Trevor Rislow           (507) 458-1869

Historian:                        Marnie Srock            (507) 429-7473


Committee Chairs:


Membership: Richard Przytarski, Chuck Perry

Trap Range: Sean Sannes

Archery: Doug Johnson, Chuck Perry, Ken Srock, Rick Schell

Social Media: Marnie Srock, Doug Johnson, Chuck Perry

Wildlife Tree Planting: Johnny Micheel

Firearms Safety Training: Chuck Perry, David Dux

Trophies: Current serving Secretary

Guest Speaker & Programs: Mark Reisetter, Chuck Perry

News Releases: Mark Reisetter, Doug Johnson

Club Apparel: Current serving President

Scholarship Fund: Mark Reisetter, Chuck Perry, Rick Schell

Park Scheduling: Tony Weilandt, Chuck Perry

Rifle Range: Sean Sannes, Tony Weilandt, Alex Weilandt

Concessions: Ran by each separate event committee

Award Rules: Doug Johnson, Tony Weilandt

Sporting Clays: Sean Sannes, Trevor Rislow

Club emails: Mark Reisetter

Building Planning: Doug Johnson, Rick Schell, Chuck Perry, Rick Przytarski

Sportsmen’s Park Grounds: Board of Directors

Sportsmen’s Booth: Board of Directors