2018 Newsletter

Lewiston Sportsmen’s Club, Inc.

P.O. Box 671, Lewiston, MN. 55952-0671

Sponsoring Conservation of our Natural Resources


Thank You to all of our members..

At the last L.S. Club Board of Director’s meeting a year long discussion and research into Club membership fees and surrounding area Club fee’s ended in a vote to change to a single membership. (Previously we had a choice of either a single membership or a family membership). The BOD notified the membership at the August monthly meeting and all changes will take place January 1st 2019.

The membership will cost $40 per year and run from Dec. 31st to January 1st. A membership will include a couple and their children age 18 and under on January 1st of the membership year.

A member may bring 1 guest per visit to use the Club facilities, after that initial visit the guest must purchase a membership in order to use any facilities.

Even with the new cost of a membership we are still below area Club membership costs. The cost increase was need due to the increased cost of material to maintain ranges, increased insurance cost’s, and possible paid help maintaining our ranges / events.

If you have any concerns or suggestions please join us at an upcoming meeting; Nov 12th at Stockton Valley Saloon or  Dec 10th at the Rec Bar and Café in Lewiston. If you cannot attend a meeting please call or e mail with the info. provided below.

We are in need of some new volunteers with fresh ideas on how we can improve our Club and ranges. The building is coming along nicely inside and is a great facility from which to host events. Start up funds are available if you’d like to try something new , make some shooting bench improvements, all we would need is a firm commitment and a plan.

Thanks again for being a member,

Chuck Perry

LSC President

(507) 689-4563  chuckperry1@charter.net